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Who We Are

Who We Are

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Phuzumoya Consulting Director Gregory Mthembu-Salter has worked as a researcher, journalist and consultant in Sub-Saharan Africa for over twenty years. He has written for the Economist Intelligence Unit and The Africa Report, has served on the UN Group of Experts for the Democratic Republic of Congo, researches for the Institute for Security Studies and the South African Institute of International Affairs, and has conducted a wide range of commissioned consultancies. Since late 2015, he has also been the political economy and conflict analyst for Elan RDC, a UK DfID-funded private sector development programme in the DRC

What We Do

What We do

Phuzumoya Consulting Africa Economy About
At Phuzumoya Consulting, we: * conduct research into African political economy; * offer research and consultancy on natural resource governance and due diligence. * The company specializes in conflict minerals due diligence, with a particular focus on the Great Lakes region of Africa.

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